Storm of War – Session 4: ‘The Rise of Dr. Victor Von Vandervaughn’

Someone is killing the mages of Punjar …

In session 1 of this highly charged investigative thiller, our heroes will have to sift through mountains of clues, brave treacherous terrain and even overcome bad seafood in their quest to save the Punjarii Mage Guild.

Notes of Madness – Playtest 1

In late June 1928, George Gershwin returned to New York from Paris where he had hoped to study with famous composition teacher, Nadia Boulanger. She declined his request, however that doesn’t mean he returned empty-handed. Three mysterious pages of an unknown score plague his thoughts. When the investigators come upon these, where will they lead them?

Slayers – ‘Golem? I hardly knew ‘em!’

Having successfully defeated liches, ghouls, and imps, among other creatures, the team of Slayers receive a mission to investigate the disappearance of a prototype golem. Upon arriving at the site, they discover the normally obedient golems holed up inside the foundry fighting off the army outside. From their use of Alpha Team, to their stealthy and subtle entrances, when you hire the Slayer’s Guild, you get your money’s worth. Kinda…