Started playing RPGs in mid-late high school with DnD 3.5. Played that until 4E came out a few years later. Entering college I widened my RPG system repetoire and now run a lot of DnD 4E, but some of the other systems include Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds, among others. I hope to run a few game of more "interesting" systems like The World of Synnibarr and Badass Presidents...

On the Wings of Dragons – Session 4: “Dwarves and Drow”

When a band of Drow show up in a nearby town, they group is instantly riled up. After Irthos calms them down a bit, he tells them to do some investigating and find what’s what. When they arrive they find the Drow already in prison, but it not all is as it seems…

On the Wings of Dragons – Session 3: “Do you think I’m crazy?”

The party is given a few days off and spend the time engaged in rather productive activities. Following that they visit Orren, a mercury dragon, in an attempt to learn more about the strange elemental dragons. Upon arriving they find more reasons to stay…

Fear Itself – “Uncle George’s Halloween Party”

Uncle George is eccentric but extremely wealthy. On Halloween for his 70th birthday he holds a party in a recently acquired hunting lodge that he claims has a horrific past. Guests at the party seem skeptical, but when things start getting real, will they panic, or keep their cool and survive?

On the Wings of Dragons – Session 2: “Ruin Ant-ics”

The day after dealing with the massive conflagration, the adventurers find that they have another task waiting for them. Sent to complete a job for Crimsontail, an Orium Dragon, they must investigate the disappearance of workers exploring the ruins of Crimsontail’s lair.

Badass Presidents – MegaRobotCthulhu

In the future the world has gone to crap. Only the presidents of the great United States of America are powerful enough to fight the cosmic horrors and evil past dictators. In this adventure the intrepid group of Commander-in-Chiefs travels from Mt. Rushmore to deep below the ocean, fighting all sorts in between.