The War had been 20 years before, at the turn of the 20th century. It had consisted of a combination of nuclear, biological, and conventional war that had first strained all of the countries of the world before it had cracked and then broken civilization as a whole. Nuclear strikes and biological contamination had turned the cities into hellholes of radiation and viral poisoning. But after 20 years, travelers had come through who reported that it was possible to trespass in the cities and survive, though hostile mutants, diseased bandit tribes, and the still-lethal pollutants made it risky.

Five people came together in the ruins of the aftermath of the war. Five people met just as their food supplies were running low. Five people decided that being together would be safer than being alone.

On May 25, 2014, I ran a game of Aftermath! to play test it for review in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine. My players were Kyle, Logan, Bo, Nissa, and John.

Role Playing Journal of the game can be found here:!-SURVIVE!

A video playlist of the game is here:

Call of Cthulhu – With Extreme Prejudice

On Friday, May 2, 1969, an M35 2 ½ ton truck crossed Vietnam from Long Binh Jail near Saigon to a relatively deserted area of jungle west of Pleiku, near the border of Cambodia. Each of the men within had accepted the offer that was made by a mysterious officer present at Long Binh Jail to go on a top-secret mission with the promise of having the charges against them dropped.

On March 28, 2014, I ran the original Call of Cthulhu scenario “With Extreme Prejudice” at CaesarCon 2014. My players were Josh, Lily, Steve, Liu, Nathan, and Chris.

Role Playing Journals of the game can be found here:

A video playlist of the game is here:

d6xd6 CORE – The Tragic School Bus

The d6xd6 CORE RPG Kickstarter is LIVE!  You can support the project and receive the main rules and settings as a PDF ebook for only $1!!

What do a mountain man, a schizoaffective Mennonite youth, a day care provider, a warehouse worker, and a sailor have in common?

They’re all dead.

And they must work together to prevent a catastrophe.

The Tragic School Bus is an introductory scenario for the d6xd6 CORE RPG rules by industry veteran Lester Smith.  This session was played at Colosseum Games in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Please support your friendly local game store!


In the spring of 1967, a small, newly-formed recon team was sent on a dangerous mission into the bush. They had been on recon missions before, but the one this time was much more dangerous.

This is their story.

Ghidorah San was from South Vietnam, a member of the army there. He had been leant to the group as a local scout and medic. He was called “Possum” by another private in the squad because he always went to ground when trouble happened.

Private Colt Texas had seen about six months of action in Vietnam and was the one who called Ghidorah San “Possum.” He was, unsurprisingly, from Texas, though, unlike that state, he was very small. He was the group’s grenadier. Ghidorah San called him “Longhorn.”

Private John Jackson was a demolitions guy, originally from Louisiana. He was short but fat, being only five feet, two inches tall, but weighing 191 pounds. His weapon of choice was a grenade launcher, which he had named “Brenda,” though he also carried a .357 magnum he’d named “Reginald” as his backup weapon. He was very skittish and nervous. Some of the guys called him “Gravy train.”

Sgt. Jack Johnson was tall and blonde with a crew cut. He hailed from Savannah, Georgia. At 23, he’d just gotten out of sniper school and had gotten promoted very quickly. He was armed with an M-14 scoped assault rifle. He carried .45 semi-automatic pistol as his backup weapon. He was law-abiding and a pretty boy who stuck to the rules. Ghidorah San called the man “Blonde Joe.”

On March 16, 2014, I ran a game of Recon to play test it for review in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine. My players were Logan, Kyle, James, and James.

Role Playing Journal of the game can be found here:

A video playlist of the game is here:

Fate Accelerated – Bad Dudes

Rampant ninja related crime these days. . . Whitehouse is not the exception.

President Ronnie has been kidnapped by evil communist Karnov and his ninja army!  The BAD DUDES are sent to the streets to save the President and knock down the dominoes of Communism and ninja related crime!  But Karnov is ready for them, and he sends wave after wave of street punks and ninjas to stop them.  Will the dudes be BAD enough to save the President!?

Bad Dudes was an introductory scenario ran for Fate Accelerated at Colosseum Games in Kenosha, Wisconsin as part of the celebration for Free RPG Day.  Please support your local Friendly Local Game Store!

Pendragon – Beast Quest

In the days of yore, before the reign of King Arthur and his mighty Round Table, there were knights who might someday be part of that illustrious king’s entourage and of the Round Table. That would be in years to come, however, for in the Year of Our Lord 492, they were young knights who did not yet know their way.

Sir Nonius the Red was only of average size but had thick, curly red hair and a bushy red beard that stood out from his face. Sir Gwarddur was a strong knight who was said to have a body like steel. Sir Buddfannon, also called by some “The Dark Knight” was said to have the softest hair and hands in all of the kingdom. Sir Avitus the Forked Tongue was Roman born. His smile was disarming and made men trust him, often to their dismay. Sir Gothryn was known for being very chivalrous: chaste, forgiving, modest, generous, merciful, and temperate. His squire was called Rhiwalon of the River.

On Feb. 9, 2014, I ran a game of Pendragon (1st Edition) to playtest it for review in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine. My players were with Logan, Bo, Kyle, James, James, and Aly.

Role Playing Journal of the game can be found here:

A video playlist of the game is here: