Notes of Madness – Playtest 1

In late June 1928, George Gershwin returned to New York from Paris where he had hoped to study with famous composition teacher, Nadia Boulanger. She declined his request, however that doesn’t mean he returned empty-handed. Three mysterious pages of an unknown score plague his thoughts. When the investigators come upon these, where will they lead them?

This session was a little bit weird as the three of us who were there hadn’t really seen each other for a few months, and we wanted to play, but weren’t really fully mentally into the game for most of it. I also didn’t really prepare the ending beyond a general sense as I wasn’t quite sure where to go. However I would love to hear feedback on the actual story/game itself as I really like the base of it, but because it is the first Call of Cthulhu adventure I have written and one of the first I have run/played, I don’t have a lot of experience and I felt that it is largely underdeveloped, so any suggestions in that direction would be greatly appreciated.


James: Paul Witt – A somewhat prominent musician who plays the steel drums.

Jason: Richard Merrell-Thorpe – A professor of something or other with good credit rating.


Started playing RPGs in mid-late high school with DnD 3.5. Played that until 4E came out a few years later. Entering college I widened my RPG system repetoire and now run a lot of DnD 4E, but some of the other systems include Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds, among others. I hope to run a few game of more "interesting" systems like The World of Synnibarr and Badass Presidents... 


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