Road Trip – Session 1: ‘A journey of a thousand miles. . .’

School’s out!  3 New York kids of varying backgrounds are just about to get to vegging out when they are contacted by Jack Blackguard, a mysterious young boy who has some urgent news to relay to them.  After a meeting at the museum and a few quick fights, the kids find out they are now on a journey to save the world from an evil cult.

Masks of Nyarlathotep Intro

New York, New York January 14th, 1925. A strange telegram sends investigators through Harlem, Harvard, and horror.

This is the first game of my attempt to run The Complete Masks of Nyarlathotep. I was trying to wait for the re-release but Chaosium is taking their time. I’m sure it will be epic. Buy it.

Also check out The Gaming Grunts, a source of inspiration.

There is a snazzy intro song, performed by Rev. Hollis Brown and Tex Huston, to set the mood. This is more pulp and flash, and the sessions quickly go pear shaped. I hope you enjoy our rendition of this classic Call of Cthulhu campaign.

Rock Band Zombie Apocalypse

Congrats!  You’ve booked your first gig at a local Chicago bar!  You start rocking faces, but after a brief power outage, you see a couple of drunks shamble on in.  First a few, then a few more and. . . are they eating your fans?  Time to strap on your axe, pull on your shiny spandex pants, and show the undead what it means to be a rock star.

Plague of War – Session 7: ‘Combos are fun!’

Discovering Lord Doyle’s retreat and receiving orders from Lord Cain, the young upstarts head off to an imposing foreign fortress. A while into their journey they stumble upon a vast forest. Among yet another failed attempt to find some poison, they agree to investigate some missing children from the small, secluded village. What will they uncover in their investigation?

The Faculty Party

The Miskatonic University English Department is holding their annual Halloween party, and you have been cordially invited. The English Dept party is unlike the kind of party found at the local speakeasy; their party is a series of dramatic readings covering some of the greatest authors of horror fiction. The party-goers meet in a smoke-filled room and debate the authors over snacks, coffee, English and Indian tea.

Conversations and smoke float through the air as the faculty and guests are having a good time, everyone except Prof. Janice Moor. Prof. Moor teaches French Romantic Lit and has been in a blue mood for several weeks now. Her friends and coworkers had hoped that the party would help cheer her up, but no amount of joy has succeeded in lifting her out of her dark depression. Everyone secretly wonders what is bothering her.

Plague of War – Session 6: ‘It’s so… slimy…’

In another attempt at to free their village create anarchy, the heroes return to the village once again, seeking to attack larder houses and weapons depots. Their plans are foiled by the fact that no one is in town. However, that is not to say that a special surprise wasn’t left in the town hall. Will it be a TPK? What will they make of the magic blank pages? Listen to find out!