Storm of War – Session 9.1: ‘Halls of the Mountain King Part 1′

After the debacle around the assassination attempt on the Duke, everyone concerned thinks it best that our “heros” find some other place to be for awhile. They accept a commission for simple guard duty on a magical airship carry food and other supplies to gold miners trapped by winter. What could go wrong with that ???

This is part 1 of session 1.

Storm of War – Session 7: ‘Where did all these damn bards come from? Part 2′

Helcar returns from his “liaison” with the Hobgoblin singer smiling and covered in what looks like claw marks and bites. Everyone has the good taste not to ask for details. The competition goes on, but believe it or not, but is not as peaceful as expected. Hopefully, the citizenry of Punjar will not suffer as much as in last episode.

City of the Damned – Finale

The final session of a two year-long Mage chronicle about the consequences of Infernalism and the difficult moral choices that accompany it. Initially a group of strangers, the PCs were each approached in their dreams by a demon called Porter, who asked them to help him recapture ten entities that escaped from Hell in exchange for the fulfillment of their greatest wishes. During the course of their mission, some succumbed to the temptation of easily acquired powers, bartering pieces of their souls for demonic abilities. Some struggled to balance their good intentions with the demands of their work, but found it impossible to keep their hands completely clean. Now, the mages find themselves in the middle of an ancient power struggle between Porter and his demon brother, Mr. Who, bound to take part in a battle that could lead all of them to a messy end. Who will triumph in this contest of Good vs. Evil vs. Slightly Less Evil, and how will the outcome affect the characters? Listen to find out!

“Happy Birthday, Master!”

Who are these people?  Why are they all maids?  Where did all of these Utah Raptors come from?  Where am I?  Where are my pants?

All these questions and more are not answered in this one-shot of Maid: The Role Playing Game I ran over Spring Break for a bunch of people.  Rusty GMing skills and pop-culture references abound!

Maid’s homepage:

Storm of War – Session 6: ‘Where did all these damn bards come from? Part 1′

It is time for the 250th anniversary of the Temple of Corellon in Punjar. For this celebration, they have scheduled the first annual Bardic Competition. This competition has struck a chord among the war-weary populace and thousands of unexpected visitors are arriving in the under-prepared city. And now, amid the worries of terroristic attacks by the enemy Morgau Imperial Principality ( the Mippies ), news has arrived that the Emperor is going to make an appearance at the festival.
Who can coordinate all these security concerns, keep the festival on track and make everything look good for the Emperor, especially with all these pesky bards underfoot? Sounds like a job for the Dread Guard…