Slayers – ‘Golem? I hardly knew ‘em!’

Having successfully defeated liches, ghouls, and imps, among other creatures, the team of Slayers receive a mission to investigate the disappearance of a prototype golem. Upon arriving at the site, they discover the normally obedient golems holed up inside the foundry fighting off the army outside. From their use of Alpha Team, to their stealthy and subtle entrances, when you hire the Slayer’s Guild, you get your money’s worth. Kinda…

Ars Serpentis – Playtest 1

In the winter of 2008, the students and faculty at the bucolic Laurel College are gearing up to celebrate the bicentennial of the school’s founding. However, the mood on campus has somewhat darkened due to a pair of unexplained disappearances that neither the college officials, nor the local authorities, seem willing to address. Now, a third person has disappeared, and a team of Investigators has assembled to get to the bottom of the mystery. Can they discover the truth behind the disappearances, expose those responsible, and rescue the missing people before it’s too late? (SPOILER: No, no they can’t…)

Plague of War – Session 2: ‘Rats. Why did it have to be rats?’

We return to see our adventurer’s shortly after they have discovered the invasion of their village. A recent party member death prove little concern to them as they make their grand schemes to reclaim the village. Action quickly follows in the greatest challenge to date.