Fiasco – ‘Picture Perfect’

What happens when a wealthy small town businessman gets his trophy wife a job managing a gas station in order to teach her a lesson about managing money and responsibility? She teams up with her former high school lover and her gay stepson to blackmail that sonuvabitch! Find out whether or not their scheme works in this hilarious game of Fiasco.

The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor – Session 2: ‘Seven Different Kinds of Strange’

Two new freakish orphans arrive at the Candlewick Home just in time to meet up with our group from last time. When HP uses his Crayons of Doom to summon the police to investigate the murder of Tobias Gage, all of the new arrivals are interrogated by Sheriff Toulouse. Can they get their stories straight enough to satisfy the suspicious lawman? What long-buried memories will the orphans’ adventures unlock? And who is the mysterious boy who is strange in seven different ways? Listen to find out!

Plague of War – Session 5: ‘Find what he loves… And destroy it!’

After a several month hiatus, the mismatched group of would-be heroes (largely anarchists) return, prepared to once again take on the menace of Lord Doyle. Armed with nothing more than a plan to “find what he loves and kill it,” they get down to business…

The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor – Session 1: Throw it down the hole!

In which three lonely orphans arrive at the Candlewick Home for the Unwanted and Unloved only to discover a corpse and a poorly-concealed mystery! Were they the first orphans to inhabit the halls of the old manor house? Who is the dead man that they found in the chef’s larder? And why, for god’s sake, do they insist on throwing random (and sometimes burning) objects through the hole in their bathroom floor? Listen to find out!

Vox Ut Verum – Session 1

Welcome to your first day at the Veritas Corporation. You’ve signed all your paperwork? Good. That’s great. Now step over here and close your eyes while we make all your dreams come true. Veritas. Truth. Health. Life

Skype game featuring RPPR regulars Dan and RJ, and joined this first session by Forum members Atlas, and Alexander.

The audio is a little blah at the moment. I’m working to fix that. Experiments will be run!The GM(thats RJ) cuts out from time to time. I can transcript out anything important as needed.