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Big Motherfucking Crab Truckers – Goat To Go

Big Motherfucking Crab Rules for Big Motherfucking Crab Truckers

Some games provide ways for players and game masters to engage in rich, collaborative storytelling.

Some games allow the exploration of strange worlds, ideas and possibilities.

Some games allow you to play out a motherfucking crabsploitation movie.

This is that third type of game. Originally recorded in May, maintained in the internet ether due to a combination of changing personal circumstances and laziness, here is the complete and unabridged FifthEye Productions Cinqo De Mayo Oneshot – “Goat To Go.”

Thank you, tip your waitresses, and goodnight.

Spirit of the Century: DOCTOR LAZARUS AND THE END OF TIME Episode 2

Join JULIUS JEWELS, MIRIAM “SMITH”, DAISY DUBOIS and the enigmatic EVANGELINE LEE as they are drawn deeper into the devious designs of DOCTOR LAZARUS! MARVEL as they navigate an UNSTABLE TIME LOOP! THRILL at the heart-pounding car chase through NEW YORK! GUFFAW as you listen to the result of OPERATION IMPENDING BEAR!

Tales of the Arabian Nights

Fiftheye Productions tries out Tales of the Arabian Nights by Zman Games!

Introduced to us by our new player Lisa, this fantastic board game has players exploring ancient Arabia while trying to spin stories and discover destiny. It uses a series of charts and ‘encounter matrices’ to feature over 2500 different possible encounters across the span of a game. I wasn’t able to make it, so the players were:

Lisa, who was kind enough to demo the game
and Kat

Information on the game can be found on the creator’s website and on BoardGameGeek.
Intro and outro sampled from Metroid 2: Anthem of a Metroid Hunter via OCRemix.


Join JULIUS JEWELS, MIRIAM “SMITH”, and DAISY DUBOIS as they are exposed to the first stirrings of the plan of the dastardly DOCTOR LAZARUS!  THRILL as they duel his MAFIA GOONS!  CHILL as his TEMPORAL POWERS are shown!  LAUGH as some pretty silly stuff happens with a CHARIOT and a SALAD!

Call of Cthulhu: The Haunting?

According to the Call of Cthulhu core rulebook, more players have played The Haunting than any other adventure. It’s been published in the core rulebook since the very beginning, with incremental changes here and there as the game has aged. It’s simple, short, and if run by an experienced keeper? Terrifying.