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Terrorists have apparently attacked  Mimetic Solutions, a content screening office, with some sort of Biological/Chemical weapon that caused the people inside to go insane. An elite team of counter-terrorists has been assembled to go in and find survivors. However, soon the team will find that there is more going on then it seems and that they are their own worst enemy!


Charlie/Charlie72 as a point man who doesn’t play by the rules

Matthew/mckma As a trusting bureuacrat

Matt/crash2445 as an overprotective  profiler

Sean/amishnija as an observant  forensics expert

Sam/Salkovich as a medic with his hands full

Published Author Ross Payton as a sneaky psychologist

and Patrick /Setherick as our GM

Special thanks to Crash, who Re-edited and Re-uploaded the audio.

Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 12: Cairo!

After surviving the Black Pharaoh in London, the investigation moves deep into Cairo.  Will the Americans find themselves at odds with the local culture? How will they know when they’re being sworn at in Arabic?

Is Nigel Wasif trustworthy? M’kunga Jr., a strange personage, attempts to contact the investigators, but can he be trustworthy? Find out what happens to the indomitable Major Stone, the lovely Rosetta, and the eccentric duo of William and Scott the Stunt Man.

Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 8 – Death of Fleetfingers

The Investigators follow a red herring to the old moors of England. Where they learn that lady doctors are rare and that subtly is the best weapon against a lycanthrope.  Afterwards the Investigators are hot on the trail of the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh.

Be amazed at Major Stone’s unique solution to the Werewolf problem.  Weep as two three beloved characters meet their maker.