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Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 7: Life and Death of K’yannah Nmbe

“I touch the painting.”- Kyannah Nmbe

In this episode the investigators reunite with Randall Moss, antiquarian from Boston.  Randall Moss, you may remember was actually there the night Jackson Elias was found murdered in his hotel room. The investigators follow some leads which take them to the house of a talented painter, the young Miles Shipley.

And after being guided on a journey through dreams, an African Warlord finds himself more appreciative of modern art.

A Pleasant Night in Emerald Grove: Session 1 – The Fog

The date is 10/30/2010.  The place is Emerald Grove University, a small but growing college in upstate New York.  The school has a short break coming up, so most teachers have called off class this Friday evening, and only a small number of students remain on classes. Three groups of friends have gathered in the campus center to work on various projects.  It looks like things are set for another pleasant night in Emerald Grove.

After all, what has ever gone wrong the night before Halloween?

Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 6: Still on a Boat

“He looks like a bat with a hat on.”

The investigators enjoy some shipboard diversions and begin to get restless. Being cooped up on the worlds foremost luxury liner is a little too much for some folk to handle. The investigators also view Professor Paterson’s Visions of the Glass and get bewildering answers to their questions.

Also, people go overboard.

Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 4- THE PARTY

A Benefit Auction for the Homeless, feat. Charlie Chaplin.

While tying off loose ends the Investigators grow in number and meet two new additions to their crew, the mysterious author Alden Cole and Great War Hero Major Stone.

In the midst of the swanky-frank will rough and tumble Maloy’s actions distract the guests long enough for the beleaguered Tex Huston to uncover some dope? Find out!

Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 2

Rev. Hollis Brown vs. Matthew O’Connell Maloy

Caught between the dead body of Silas N’kwame and a group of knife weilding hobos, the investigators flee for their lives. They also meet a disgraced private detective.

With tensions high and relationships strained, it remains to be seen if the group can cooperate long enough to avenge Jackson Elias.