Fear Itself – “Uncle George’s Halloween Party”

Uncle George is eccentric but extremely wealthy. On Halloween for his 70th birthday he holds a party in a recently acquired hunting lodge that he claims has a horrific past. Guests at the party seem skeptical, but when things start getting real, will they panic, or keep their cool and survive?

GMs Notes: A great deal of fun to run, I think the atmosphere was created very well. I think there were a number of really great payoffs, complete with paranoia, fear, and panic.

Chris: Ryden – A skeptical grad student
Colin: Dint – A psychic there by special request of Uncle George
Richard: Lance – A student at “Party College,” the nephew of Uncle George
Steven: BJ – A friend of Lance


Started playing RPGs in mid-late high school with DnD 3.5. Played that until 4E came out a few years later. Entering college I widened my RPG system repetoire and now run a lot of DnD 4E, but some of the other systems include Call of Cthulhu, Savage Worlds, among others. I hope to run a few game of more "interesting" systems like The World of Synnibarr and Badass Presidents... 


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