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Metamorphosis Alpha – Dire Straits

A great cold season had come to the village of Habitat on the edge of Lake Refuge.  It killed the crops and brought suffering to the people.  Now, 20 groups of rangers were being sent out to try to find some solution to the problem.  These groups would go in different directions out into the world, out into the Warden, which according to maps was an oblong circle perhaps 50 miles long and half that wide.  If they could not find a solution, the village of 150 humans, mutant humans, and mutant animals would die.

Renaria was an un-mutated human who had lived in Habitat her entire life.  Dannic was a human mutant with gray hair, very large ears, and gray skin that looked like it was melted to his bones.  He had exceptional hearing, chameleon powers, and could shape change into a huge owl.  He could also teleport himself though he was very susceptible to the pain associated with any injury.  Wülf Jaegar was a mutant wolf with strong arms who walked on his hind legs.  He was known to have a mental power to freeze anything he looked at, though his sense of touch was highly diminished.

On July 2, 2010 I ran Metamorphosis Alpha as a one-shot to test out the game for a review in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine.  My players were Melissa, Eric, and Brian.  The scenario was “Dire Straits” by Kerry Jordan.


2300 AD

On 13 February, 2302, four men found themselves in a small unmarked office in the heavily shielded business district of the city of Rimview on the world of Crater in the Henry’s Star System in the French Arm.  They were being hired to recover a package on Beta Canum Venaticorum-4, under imminent attack by the Kafers.  It would be their job to get in, get the package, and get out before the Kafers invaded the world.

Louis LeBeau had been a field agent for over 20 years before entering the ground military for another decade.  Aker Stinson Malworth had been a pirate and smuggler most of his life.  Both were from Xi Ursae Majoris, a planet colonized by Trilon Corporation, a multinational corporation originating in the 2100s.  Didier LaDuc was a French journalist well-known in the French arm for his writing and imaging of events.  He was a native of the French outpost of Davout in the American arm.  Rolo Burke was also French and had been in the space military for 10 years before opting out.  He hailed from one of the satellites of the Queen Alice’s Star colony of Beowulf.

On June 14, 2010, I ran 2300 AD as a one-shot to test out the game for a review in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine.  My players were Jeff, RJ, Derrick, and Ryan.  The scenario was “Diamonds From Premiere” by Andrew Slack from Challenge Magazine #66.  Unfortunately, I also recorded the character creation, which goes on for some time.  If you want to skip it and get right to the scenario, it starts around the one hour mark.

Time Lord

The Time Lord Ruffles had promised one of his companions that he would take them all to a nice beach, but things rarely worked out exactly the way he planned in his old Type 42 TARDIS.

He’d picked up two of his companions in 21st Century Temporal Nexus Point Earth.  Sgt. John Stewart was a member of U.N.I.T. who had joined him after he had defeated a demonic creature who had meant to first enslave Yorkshire and then the rest of the world.  Sgt. Stewart had insisted on coming with the Time Lord, though he had actually been ordered to accompany the man by his superiors, who suspected Ruffles might actually be the Master in some new, goofy disguise.  Veella Cyan had stumbled into the TARDIS when it had been disguised as a Lady’s Room.  Crytozoologist Kyle Epps from the mid-1980s was his third companion, though he was missing since he’d gone to take a nap after helping Ruffles deal with some parasitic insects on Alpha Beta IV.  That had been two weeks before.  The internal restructuring system on the TARDIS sometimes activated on its own and the room that Epps had been in had disappeared somewhere into the interior.  Ruffles was not sure where the man was.

On April 30, 2010, I ran a game of Time Lord as a one-shot to test out the game for a review in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine.  My players were Elliot, Eric, Tori, and Michael.  The scenario was called “Curse of the Cyclops.”


The First Galactic Empire, thought to be the creation of Terra, collapsed 6,000 years ago.  The Second Galactic Empire, started with the establishment of the Star Empire of Yorkin, formed some 2,000 years after the fall of the first.  But civil war and unrest caused first damage and then the destruction of the Second Empire almost 500 years ago.  Now The Company controlled all interstellar trade, ship drives, and fuel.  “The glue that binds the far flung outposts of humanity together,” The Company, so huge that its name had been lost and forgotten, now controls humanity in the galaxy.

Dacks McCool was mission leader of an inexperienced E Team in Fiscal Year 1390.  The “E” used to describe the Exploration Teams that The Company sent out to explore worlds heretofore only checked by deep space probe was also used for the other term for the teams: Expendables.  These small teams of specialists were dropped off at planets that had been deemed suitable for colonization by probes.  They stayed on the planet for 90 days, cataloging it and making sure it was suitable for a full colony.  Many of the teams didn’t survive, hence their nickname.

Gyr Tam was the mission’s security specialist.  Gaston Cayce was the group’s pilot.  Denn Pax was the medic.  This is the story of their exploration of one such far-flung planet.  No one knew exactly who assigned planetary code names except that whoever did didn’t admit it for personal safety reasons.  In this case, they had just cause.  The planet had been code-named “Kukamunga.”

On March 22, 2010, I ran a game of Expendables with Steve, Ken, and Erik as a one-shot to test out the game for a review in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine. As there weren’t enough players, I ran the medic as an npc.

Tomb of Horrors Part 3

The adventurers Tallion the mage; Hastik Wasney, the priest of Rao; Hundar the Barbarian; and Generi, the thief continue their foray into the Tomb of Horrors.  One of them has died and been raised from the dead with powerful magic by this time.  Would they all survive?

On September 21, 2009, I ran the third and final session of the original Tomb of Horrors, using Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, for a group of players in Kernersville, N.C.  Jeff, R.J., Tim, and Bethany all played.  This is the third of three sessions that it took them to get through the tomb.