Cthulhu Dark – School Spirit

High School Seniors party like it’s the end of their lives. . . . and it is!

In 1991, high school students head to Sandy Hooper’s riverside manor to celebrate their football team’s homecoming victory against their cross-town rivals.  The party quickly turns wild in ways that nobody could have ever predicted . . . not even the GM!

I ran this game for a group consisting of players completely new to role-playing and a few experienced tabletop gamers.  Using slightly modified Cthulhu Dark rules, I tried to create a fun sandbox scenario where player actions could trigger a few key “floating” events waiting to happen.  I was also curious to see how this mix of players would interact and create a narrative.  We are all friends already, so I thought they would work well together and avoid any anxiety about sharing their imagination.

They did not disappoint!  The players enjoyed their time engaging in arson, stalking, attempted date rape, grand theft auto, rampant drug use, and delicious muffins. . . all before the evil creature arrives!  The action only gets stranger as the adventure “progresses.”

So please, put on your school colors and enjoy the insanity of School Spirit, with a special guest appearance by The Creature from the Black Lagoon!


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