Ashen Stars – Divine Fire

I ran an adaptation of Tom Church’s “Divine Fire” scenario. I used Ashen Stars and set it in space.

2468 – Three days Previous

Five years ago, the Mohilar War ended. It raged for over a decade leaving the Combine scattered and divided. A research station of Combine origin, a concerted effort by the then dominant races to discover a way to manipulate/create trans-light corridors, has been “rediscovered.” Due to the Bogey Conundrum, the station has been operating bereft of oversight in frontier space, somewhere in the Kraken Outzone. We know so little of station since the same effect makes referencing the ledgers and logs of it a mental hassle beyond even the Vas Mal. The fact that we “rediscovered” it is disturbing enough. A onetime partner of one of the researchers came across an encrypted hologram that was heavily degraded. The hologram was a representation of the only person remembered to be on the station, a Doctor Kzt-Chj.

The contract will be deemed fulfilled with the successful return of Doctor Kzt-Chj. In addition, any copies of research will earn you a great deal of good will.

As the crew of the Lazerbass is in poor standing among Combine higher-ups I advise you to do as thorough a job as possible. I’ve done what I can in scraping together this contract for you, as there are few here who trust you to fulfil even the most basic of cargo transports. Don’t make me look a fool.

-Rear Admiral Klysma

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