Delta Green – Big Trouble in Little Mina

When a Delta Green friendly from Toledo, Ohio, turns up missing, it’s up to agents from the local Delta Green cell to track him down. If he’s in trouble, he must be rescued. If he’s been compromised, he must be silenced. In any case, it must be done quietly and with discretion.

Two Delta Green Agents and a Delta Green friendly are sent to investigate. Harold Warring, codename Ulf, was a field agent for the FBI in Toledo and had secretly been an agent of Delta Green since2001, when something flew out of the sky during an investigation on an island on Lake Erie and killed two other field agents. Ian MacElroy, codename Umberto, worked for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in Athens, Ohio. He had also worked for Delta Green since 2012, when he stumbled into some kind of strange plot to poison an entire town with an alien virus. Finally, Johnathan Johnson (nickname: John-John, which he hated) ran a small online computer repair business form his folks’ house in Farmer, Ohio. He had been a Delta Green friendly ever since, while investigating five haunted houses for his website, Ghostlore, he’d come into contact with Delta Green.

I ran this scenario at CaesarCon in Williams County Ohio in March of 2013. The scenario itself takes place over the same weekend, not far from where the convention took place, in the (now) fictional town of Mina, Ohio.

Role Playing Journals of the game can be found here:

The playlist of video of the game session is here:

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