Fiasco – ‘Picture Perfect’

What happens when a wealthy small town businessman gets his trophy wife a job managing a gas station in order to teach her a lesson about managing money and responsibility? She teams up with her former high school lover and her gay stepson to blackmail that sonuvabitch! Find out whether or not their scheme works in this hilarious game of Fiasco.

NOTE: Actual gameplay (Act I) begins around the thirty minute mark. The first half hour or so is an explanation of the rules, as well as the Setup portion of the game. If that doesn’t interest you, feel free to skip ahead.

This game was created using the Nice Southern Town playset included with the Fiasco rulebook. If you want to download the PDF, you can buy it from IPR through the publisher, Bully Pulpit Games. They also have a few playsets available for free. Fiasco is a load of fun, and I’d highly recommend giving it a try.


Alex / JOE MCCALLISTER, SR.: Mr. McCallister is a wealthy man who owns practically every business in town. When his wife died, he remarried, taking as his new bride a beautiful girl nearly thirty years his junior. He has a rocky relationship with his son, Joe Jr., because he refuses to accept that his son is gay.

Erik / MELANIE MCCALLISTER (née GAINES): A ravishing young thing currently married to Joe McCallister. In high school, she used to date Buck LaChance, and now her childhood sweetheart has come back into her life. Melanie once lost a battle of wits with the hibiscus trees in her mama’s garden.

Ryan / BUCK LACHANCE: Buck is a pretty boy ne’er-do-well who only wants to get what’s rightfully his–even if he has to take it from someone else. A high school dropout who joined the army and was subsequently dishonorably discharged, Buck hopes to rekindle his love affair with Melanie and his infatuation with Joe McCallister’s son in order to take the old man for everything he’s worth!

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