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Fiasco 2 Shot! 1/2

My group and I played a couple Fiasco games one night in our first jaunt into the game.  I’ll just post them back to back.


In the first game of the night we take on Antarctica’s McMurdo Station with terrorism, castaways and jealousy.  It’s a bit shaky, but as with all Fiasco games, it quickly deteriorates.  We’re still not perfect on the rules, but we are having a great old time.  So please, listen to Episode 1: Jenny from the Block of Ice.

Fiasco – ‘Picture Perfect’

What happens when a wealthy small town businessman gets his trophy wife a job managing a gas station in order to teach her a lesson about managing money and responsibility? She teams up with her former high school lover and her gay stepson to blackmail that sonuvabitch! Find out whether or not their scheme works in this hilarious game of Fiasco.