The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor – Session 2: ‘Seven Different Kinds of Strange’

Two new freakish orphans arrive at the Candlewick Home just in time to meet up with our group from last time. When HP uses his Crayons of Doom to summon the police to investigate the murder of Tobias Gage, all of the new arrivals are interrogated by Sheriff Toulouse. Can they get their stories straight enough to satisfy the suspicious lawman? What long-buried memories will the orphans’ adventures unlock? And who is the mysterious boy who is strange in seven different ways? Listen to find out!

Joining the cast of unfortunate orphans are:

Erik / EDWARD PINKERMINE: Another of The January Boys, Edward has hideous hairy spider legs jutting from his back. He is a well-meaning, but unfortunately sarcastic child.

Ed / BARRY TOINK: Barry is a born bully whose voice resonates with telepathic power. He gives the old taunt, “Stop hitting yourself!” a horrifying new meaning.

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