Storm of War – Session 6: ‘Where did all these damn bards come from? Part 1′

It is time for the 250th anniversary of the Temple of Corellon in Punjar. For this celebration, they have scheduled the first annual Bardic Competition. This competition has struck a chord among the war-weary populace and thousands of unexpected visitors are arriving in the under-prepared city. And now, amid the worries of terroristic attacks by the enemy Morgau Imperial Principality ( the Mippies ), news has arrived that the Emperor is going to make an appearance at the festival.
Who can coordinate all these security concerns, keep the festival on track and make everything look good for the Emperor, especially with all these pesky bards underfoot? Sounds like a job for the Dread Guard…

Slayers – ‘That’s not fair. There wasn’t time now.’

The famous agents of the Slayers Guild are called once again to investigate some strange happenings. After doing something with the prototype golem. Called to investigate a strange prison filled with elderly prisoners how many red herrings will they follow before finding what may or may not be going on?

Amnesiacs – Escape from Planet Hell

Some more recording kinks out of the way and the last game recorded with this microphone. Stuff that went on since the end of last episode:

  • Mortar Maloy has been imprisoned
  • Ziggy Stardust and Dr. McGanglion recruited master criminal Cytorrak (an Octomorph) to help them spring Maloy.
  • Cytorrak sent one of his Alpha forks instead.
  • Shifty Taker and Oroku Saki are in with the general population of the Jovian Prison, Planet Hell. Meanwhile Maloy is in solitary.

In this episode new player Dylan takes up the reins of Dr. Zaius, drug addled orangutan biologist. Mortar Maloy and Dr. S. Plank McGanglion dare to escape from planet Hell.

Amnesiacs – Imprisonment

Well, this AP comes late into our Eclipse Phase campaign, and fair warning, it was recorded with rubber bands and toilet paper rolls.  There is an angry part of audio where Killing Jazz plays, and other great part where WMRI kind of drowns out the sound. Luckily these sections don’t last too long.

For the patient and tolerable listener, thanks. To you others- KMA. 😛


Storm of War – Session 4: ‘The Rise of Dr. Victor Von Vandervaughn’

Someone is killing the mages of Punjar …

In session 1 of this highly charged investigative thiller, our heroes will have to sift through mountains of clues, brave treacherous terrain and even overcome bad seafood in their quest to save the Punjarii Mage Guild.