Call of Cthulhu – The King of Shreds and Patches Session One

In the winter of the year 1603, the plague is stalking London with a vengeance. When a playwright friend of the former actor Vincent Hawksworth turns up dead and the friend of the love of Octavian Skern asks him to look for a friend, the two incidents seem related. A great conspiracy is afoot and only an actor, a printer, a criminal, a doctor, and a banker are willing to try to stop it.

Over the summer, I usually run scenarios for Call of Cthulhu in different time periods and this summer proved no exception. This summer, I ran The King of Shreds and Patches by Justin Hynes from Strange Aeons, continuing one character from last summer’s The Pirates of Candle Cove game. We played this first session on Sunday, May 22, 2016. My players were Kyle, Katie, James, Ashton, and Collin.

Audio of the game session can be found here:

The role-playing journal of the session can be found here:

A playlist of eight videos of the game session and a highlight video can be found here:

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