CORE Playtest – Part 3

The unlikely adventurers have found themselves in a fight for their lives against angry ghosties!  Will they defeat the ghosts that have been haunting them and the Van Cliffs?  Can they escape the spirit world?  Will Patty really get into a fistfight with a 70-year old woman!?  And could a group of veteran role-players completely miss an obvious solution to their troubles until the very end?  The answers await in the epic conclusion to this playtest of the CORE (D6XD6) RPG system!  For more information, please visit

NOTE:  Since this was a playtesting session, the combat rules tested are different from previous sessions (and do not reflect the current combat rules).  Also, due to a recording error(AKA I am dumb and kinda forgot to hit the record button…), the action for this scenario begins immediately, so please be aware that there is not a friendly introduction and recap.


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