Star Frontiers: Crash on Volturnus

A small group of six had been hired by the government of Truane’s Star to carry out a preliminary exploration of a newly discovered planet.  The group included two Dralasites: short, rubbery aliens that had no bones nor hard body parts.  The one who called himself William the Dralasite was an environmentalist while the other, named Autobot, was a psycho-social specialist.  The lone Yazirian in the group, Cornelius, was a tall, thin biped with a simian face and two large flaps of skin growing on either side of his body.  He was the computer specialist.  A Vrusk named Schweppes, one of those centaur-like insects, was the robotics specialist in their party.  The group was rounded out by two humans, a male doctor named Sir Neville Butterfield, and a female technician who merely called herself Damsel.

The six had been hired to journey by Starliner to Volturnus in the frontier and map as much of the planet as possible.  The government was especially interested in contacting and studying any intelligent races living on the planet.  The group also had orders that if they were to meet any intelligent race, they were to make friendly contact and learn as much about them as possible.

They were also told that the first expedition to Volturnus had disappeared without a trace as soon as it entered the Zebulon system.  If possible, this secondary group was to locate and rescue any survivors of that mission.

They were the B-Team.

I ran a game of Star Frontiers on July 27, 2009, with friends Jeff, Tim, RJ, Derick, Ryan, and Bethany as a one-shot to test out the game for a review in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine.  They didn’t (obviously) get through the entire adventure, but they had fun.

Andy Miller aka Max_Writer

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