Weird Wars: Dogs of War

On June 30, 1944, four brave souls slipped behind enemy lines in France to rescue the crew of a B-24 Liberator bomber that had been shot down by the Germans.

Private Joseph Edwards was attached to the 121st Engineer Combat Battalion, 1st Infantry Division, though he had been separated from his unit.  Private Mike Spikowski was with the 115th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division; his division had been wiped out on the beach during D-Day – he was the only survivor.  Private Daphne Simmons was a nurse connected with the 104th Medical Battalion of the 29th Infantry Division.  Danette Broussard was with Le Resistance, aiding the allies in Normandy.

This is their story.

I ran a game of Weird Wars (d20 Version) with friends Eric, Jacob, Joyce, and Wendy in order as a one-shot to test out the game for a review in Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine.  This game took place on February 28, 2010.

Andy Miller aka Max_Writer

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