Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 26: JACK BRADY MUST DIE! (part deux)

In a rush to stop Jack Brady from getting himself killed, the investigators are pulled into adventures for which they find themselves unprepared. Rev. Hollis Brown and Rear Admiral Enema focus their ire on the Order of the Bloated Woman while James Barton rides his motorcycle deeper undercover. Also, Ben Kimley persuades a PC!

What horrors await at Ho Fongs mansion? Find out what happens when Rev. Brown brings fists to a hook fight!

Now with shorter theme music


I'm a beautiful person and if I'm ever in a recorded game you may hear me smoking my pipe. I play a variety of games. My favorite moments in games are when the players come up with crazy plans that spiral beyond their control and evolve into violent shit storms. Recently got the band back together for some one-shot action. 


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