Fiasco – Bonds of Brotherhood

In 1932, during the maiden voyage of the RMS Leviathan, the misfit son of an American coal baron sets out to reclaim his rightful inheritance from his older brother with assistance from an English con artist.

(A Fiasco for three using the TRANS-ATLANTIC playset by E. Tage Larsen.)


OXFORD “Ox” HENNIMORE / Chris: The youngest son of wealthy coal baron Reginald Hennimore, Sr., Ox was named with the hope that he would one day read for a degree at Oxford and go on to achieve great things. Unfortunately, Ox has always had a hair trigger temper, which has landed him in one unpleasant scrape after another, often putting him at odds with his family. Upon his father’s death, Ox learned that he had been disinherited. Now, with the help of his new “friend” and “lawyer,” Ox hopes to obtain his half of the family fortune from his older brother.

REGINALD HENNIMORE, JR. / Alex: Ox’s more mature older brother who applied himself to running the family’s business instead of running off to Calcutta and drinking his way across three continents. In reality, their father placed Ox’s half of his riches in trust with Reginald Jr. until such time as he deemed Ox fit to use it. The two brothers have not seen each other in nearly two decades, but there’s still a great deal of tension between them.

CMDR. LORD DR. ROBERT MAYHEW-THORNWHAITE V, ESQ. / Ryan: A self-proclaimed litigator, dentist, naval officer, thorassic surgeon, financial expert and aviator, Commander Lord Doctor Mayhew-Thornwhaite is an impoverished confidence man with a bullshit story for every occasion. When he encounters Ox Hennimore in a brothel just outside of Calcutta, he listens to the poor man’s story and knows instantly that he’s found his next mark.

ANDREI KORCOWSKI / All: Korcowski is a vaguely eastern European crewman on the RMS Leviathan who befriends Ox during the voyage. Although he has good intentions, Korcowski, too, has a sharp temper, and often lashes out against those who anger him with deadly strength.

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