A Pleasant Night in Emerald Grove: Session 2 – The Shelter

The date is 10/30/2010.  The place is Emerald Grove University, a small but growing college in upstate New York.  The last hour has been confusing for everyone, but one thing is clear – the body count is rising, and no answers are forthcoming.  Some students seek to keep the peace, while others engage in a desperate search for answers.

With tension rising by the minute, can the students shed light on the intent of the mysterious group of students stalking the campus?  And why is loud sobbing heard coming from the old, abandoned fallout shelter?

Here is the long-coming part two of four. The scares are bigger, the stakes are larger, and everyone seems to have a pretty good time.

Acknowledgments: Thanks go to Matt Samolis for his copyright-free track Craig’s 1st, and thanks to C. K. for expert advice in Celtic mythology.

A Pleasant Night in Emerald Grove is copyright 2010 to Mike Ranalli Jr.

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