Fiasco – News at Noon

Everyone on staff at the MBC News at Noon is eager to learn who their producer will choose to ascend to the coveted anchor position on the Nightly News. Find out just how far three of them are willing to go in this hilarious game of Fiasco, based on a custom playset written by my friend Alex Costello.


PETER “Pete” HAMMERSMITH / Ryan: Although he is currently the producer of a mediocre midday news program, Pete used to be a respectable journalist before his reportage ran afoul of the wrong MBC sponsor. Pete secretly frequents a local bondage club, where he recently had an intense session with dominatrix Mistress Pain.

SELENA “Mistress Pain” FOX / Meyer: Selena is the gorgeous young weather girl on the MBC News at Noon who aspires to be anchorwoman on the Nightly News. With a little help from the video tape she recently made with a “client” at her night job, her dream might just come to fruition…

CHIP WEATHERSBY / Chris: A handsome, charming news anchor whose affable veneer and proficiency with reading the teleprompter conceal the broken psyche of a deeply disturbed sociopath. Chip thinks there’s something fishy going on in the MBC Newsroom, and he’s willing to go to absurd and dangerous lengths to confirm his suspicions.

JASON STONE / Alex: Jason has been friends with Pete since they studied journalism together at a local university. Like Pete, Jason was assigned to the midday news when a report that they worked on drew the ire of the higher-ups at MBC. Now, Jason may finally have his chance to return to serious journalism on the Nightly News–that is, unless someone else takes it by force!

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