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Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 3- Down the Well.

“I don’t like the cut of your jib, but it isn’t the worst cut I’ve ever seen.”-Matthew O’Connell Maloy

After the smoke has cleared and the zombies blown away, there remains but one activity in the basement of Ju-ju House. To open the ever enlarging well and reveal its secrets.

I’m not sure what they thought was down there, but in this episode they find out.

Afterwards people go insane.

Masks of Nyarlathotep Intro

New York, New York January 14th, 1925. A strange telegram sends investigators through Harlem, Harvard, and horror.

This is the first game of my attempt to run The Complete Masks of Nyarlathotep. I was trying to wait for the re-release but Chaosium is taking their time. I’m sure it will be epic. Buy it.

Also check out The Gaming Grunts, a source of inspiration.

There is a snazzy intro song, performed by Rev. Hollis Brown and Tex Huston, to set the mood. This is more pulp and flash, and the sessions quickly go pear shaped. I hope you enjoy our rendition of this classic Call of Cthulhu campaign.