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A Pleasant Night in Emerald Grove: Session 3 – The Morgue

The date is 10/30/2010.  The place is Emerald Grove University… right?  The criminal justice major may have gotten in over his head in his daring solo investigation, and something is undeniably moving in the fog. But that’s fine, the Campus Center should be a safe place – there’s no way anything could hurt us when we’re all together.

Things are heating up as the campus begins to chill down, and things are treading soil that has not known their touch in millenia. Can our heroes unravel the secrets locked in the campus morgue before it’s too late?

Fear Itself – “Uncle George’s Halloween Party”

Uncle George is eccentric but extremely wealthy. On Halloween for his 70th birthday he holds a party in a recently acquired hunting lodge that he claims has a horrific past. Guests at the party seem skeptical, but when things start getting real, will they panic, or keep their cool and survive?

Masks of Nyarlathotep (Final Game): Welcome to Die!

It has been a long time coming. Eight months ago (irl) the campaign began. There have been losses on both sides, NPCs and PCs alike have died or lost their minds to the horrors of Nyarlathotep.

The investigators gather for a last effort to thwart Nyarlathotep’s schemes to darken the sky and bring about the fall of man. Gray Dragon Island holds more than a singing fat woman for the investigators. What happens in the final moments of humanity’s best hope? Find out in the exciting conclusion of MASKS OF NYARLATHOTEP: WELCOME TO DIE!

Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 27: Two Minutes to Midnight

The investigators tie up loose ends before the assault on Gray Dragon Island. Mr. Pit and Rear Admiral Enema meet with Lin Tang-yu and bargain for aid, and Jack Barton tries really hard to get himself killed. In the shadow of Armageddon find out what last second preparations are made in futility. Also, Jack Barton throws a rock!

Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 26: JACK BRADY MUST DIE! (part deux)

In a rush to stop Jack Brady from getting himself killed, the investigators are pulled into adventures for which they find themselves unprepared. Rev. Hollis Brown and Rear Admiral Enema focus their ire on the Order of the Bloated Woman while James Barton rides his motorcycle deeper undercover. Also, Ben Kimley persuades a PC!

What horrors await at Ho Fongs mansion? Find out what happens when Rev. Brown brings fists to a hook fight!