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Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 24: Intro to Shanghai

After loosing several members of their team to complete deterioration of stability, the investigators rest up in Port Darwin. They set about plans, at long last, to find Jack Brady and storm Shanghai. Rear Admiral Franz Enema tests the strange device of mirrors on the last acolyte of Rev. Hollis Brown, Ben Kimley. The results could never have been predicted but the team is undeterred in their trip to Shanghai via The Scarlet Witch, James Barton’s Ford Tri-motor.

But of what use are hokey religions and ancient weapons against the forces of Ho Fong and Chinese cultists?

Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 23: Shadows of Yith

When we last left the investigators they had set up a trap for the denizens who dwell down desert stairs. How fares their frontal assault? What mysteries do they find in the mysterious lost city? What is the deal with Ned?

In this episode all but one of the investigators lose their mind! Find out who remains the most sane!

Call of Cthulhu: Edge of Darkness

Fresh from the pages of the Call of Cthulhu base rulebook, Fiftheye Productions humbly presents Edge of Darkness! When a well-to-do citizen of Arkham, MA lies ravaged and dying from terminal cancer, he calls together a group of his most trusted friends for one final request. Little do they know that the request will prove final for more than just Mr. Merriwether!

A Pleasant Night in Emerald Grove: Session 2 – The Shelter

The date is 10/30/2010.  The place is Emerald Grove University, a small but growing college in upstate New York.  The last hour has been confusing for everyone, but one thing is clear – the body count is rising, and no answers are forthcoming.  Some students seek to keep the peace, while others engage in a desperate search for answers.

With tension rising by the minute, can the students shed light on the intent of the mysterious group of students stalking the campus?  And why is loud sobbing heard coming from the old, abandoned fallout shelter?


Terrorists have apparently attacked  Mimetic Solutions, a content screening office, with some sort of Biological/Chemical weapon that caused the people inside to go insane. An elite team of counter-terrorists has been assembled to go in and find survivors. However, soon the team will find that there is more going on then it seems and that they are their own worst enemy!


Charlie/Charlie72 as a point man who doesn’t play by the rules

Matthew/mckma As a trusting bureuacrat

Matt/crash2445 as an overprotective  profiler

Sean/amishnija as an observant  forensics expert

Sam/Salkovich as a medic with his hands full

Published Author Ross Payton as a sneaky psychologist

and Patrick /Setherick as our GM

Special thanks to Crash, who Re-edited and Re-uploaded the audio.