Call of Cthulhu – What Rough Beast Session 1

When a little boy from Sanguis, Alabama, gets sick, it’s just the start of the terror that begins infecting the tiny town.  Something is wrong and it has to do with the railroad, the old haunted plantation outside of town, and something evil.

On January 21, 2018, I ran the original scenario “What Rough Beast.”  Meant to be a one-shot, the scenario would go on to last three sessions.  The players rolled up investigators who were all around 13 years old, youths who are the only ones who might believe what is happening in the village.  Players were Kyle, Ben Austin, Ambralyn, John, and Yorie.

Audio of the game session is here:

The role playing journals of the game session are here:

Additionally, a playlist of 10 videos of the game session and a highlights video can be found here:

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