Call of Cthulhu Introductory Campaign 1 – The Inheritance

A lawyer in Bristol, Connecticut, needs someone to examine a mansion in Sandisfield, Massachusetts, as part of the process of declaring a man missing for seven years legally dead. Something is wrong with the house, however. Very wrong.

I started running a Call of Cthulhu campaign for a new group of students at Appalachian State University in September 2017. The game started in Bristol, Connecticut, in 1922. The 1st session of the game took place on September 17, 2017, with the scenario “The Inheritance” by Padraic Barrett from the monograph Horror Stories from the Red Room. My players were with John, Austin, Jacob, Ambralyn, and Katelyn.

Audio of the game session is here:

The role playing journals of the game are here:


Additionally, a playlist of eight videos of the game session and a highlights video can be found here:

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