Call of Cthulhu Providence Campaign 42 – Dark Carnival Session Six: Police Raid

With proof of the carnival’s misdeeds, Providence Police could finally orchestrate a raid to remove the criminal elements of the place. Allied with the Providence County Sheriff’s Department, Pawtucket Police, and the Rhode Island State Police, a daring raid was set for the early morning hours of the very next day. Several of the investigators who had helped save the two kidnap victims were brought along to advise police, but a force of over 100 men was set to raid the carnival and bring it down.

I started running a Call of Cthulhu campaign for students at Appalachian State University in March 2014. The game was set in Providence, R.I., starting in the summer of 1925. The 42nd session of the game took place on February 26, 2017, with the final session of the scenario “Dark Carvinal” by David A. Hargrave from Curse of the Chthonians. My players were Collin, Ashton, Ben, and Ambralyn. Each of them rolled up a Providence Police Officer, Pawtucket Police Officer, and Providence County Sheriff’s Deputy as part of the massive police raid on the amusement park.

Audio of the game session can be found here:

The role playing journals of the session can be found here:

A playlist of seven videos and a highlights video of the session can be found here:

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