Advanced Dungeons and Dragons – The Scar Session One

Several adventurers in the Flinty Hills near the Kingdom of Nyrond have been captured by orcs and put to work as slaves to find … something. Can they escape the orcs or somehow thwart their plans? Or at least get their stuff back?

On Sunday, June 26, 2016, I began a new AD&D campaign for friends in the Boone, N.C., area. We started with “The Scar” by Ray Winninger from Dungeon Adventures #80, which sees the player characters captured and put to work as slaves. My players were Kyle, Nathaniel, Logan, Collin, Aaron, Hannah, and Ashton.

Audio of the game session can be found here:

The role-playing journals for the session can be found here:

The playlist of eight videos and a highlight video of the game can be found here:

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