Call of Cthulhu Providence Campaign 29 – Let the Children Come to Me Session 2

The investigation of the missing children in Aylesbury, Massachusetts lead the investigators to the nearby Indian Reservation where they were attacked by horrific creatures. Arming themselves, the investigators decided to take the battle to the cursed woods outside of town in hopes of stopping the Children of the Goat.

I started running a Call of Cthulhu campaign for students at Appalachian State University in March 2014. The game was set in Providence, R.I., starting in the summer of 1925. The 29th session of the game took place on April 3, 2016, with the scenario “Let the Children Come to Me” by Mark Shireman from Island of Ignorance by Golden Goblin Press. My players were Kyle, Hannah, Katelyn, Collin, James, and Daniel.

Audio of the game session can be found here:

The role playing journals for the session can be found here:

A playlist of the nine videos of the game session can be found here:

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