Red Markets Beta – The Reformers – Episode 02

It’s The Reformer’s first gig and they’ve been contracted to investigate an abandoned coal mine.  Will they be able to find a new energy source for Jeff City?  What are all these bones doing here?  Will they get that sweet, sweet bounty?  I guess you’ll have to listen to find out.  Enjoy.


Laura – “Pixie” Mallory: Former pre-med student who volunteered as an EMT, Pixie was out west on an internship when the Crash went down. She’s been working her way back East and home alongside a slowly dwindling squad of Army Reservists ever since.

Ethan – “Freebird”: an Ozark gun dealer with a social justice streak. Used to run with a raider outfit, but got out when they turned white supremacist. He’s trying to make a better life for his black adopted son, Davion, who lost an arm to the raiders.

Aaron – Antonio “Elder” Delgado:  Smuggler turned Mormon missionary who got trapped in the States during the Crash.  Now he uses his truck and criminal past to earn enough for a one-way ticket back to Mexico.

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Warning: Explicit Content

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