Red Markets Beta – The Reformers – Episode 01

Four members of the Role Playing Public Radio forum fumble through Google Hangouts to play games.  This is Technical Difficulties.

Our Red Markets Beta playtest campaign begins!  Red Markets is an economic horror game by Caleb Stokes, coming to Kickstarter Summer 2016.   In the near future, the zombie apocalypse (nicknamed The Crash) has divided the country in half; with the East Coast living in relative safety, while those west of the Mississippi must struggle daily to survive in the wasteland (The Loss).  The players are Takers, those strong/crazy enough to risk their lives and earn enough Bounty to escape the horrors of The Loss.

You can find out more about Red Markets at and

In our first episode, we create our Enclave (base of operations), and negotiate for our first job.  Enjoy!


Laura – “Pixie” Mallory: Former pre-med student who volunteered as an EMT, Pixie was out west on an internship when the Crash went down. She’s been working her way back East and home alongside a slowly dwindling squad of Army Reservists ever since.

Ethan – “Freebird”: an Ozark gun dealer with a social justice streak. Used to run with a raider outfit, but got out when they turned white supremacist. He’s trying to make a better life for his black adopted son, Davion, who lost an arm to the raiders.

Aaron – Antonio “Elder” Delgado:  Smuggler turned Mormon missionary who got trapped in the States during the Crash.  Now he uses his truck and criminal past to earn enough for a one-way ticket back to Mexico.

Follow along with our after action reports on the RPPR Forums (spoilers):,1952.0.html

Warning: Explicit Content

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