Call of Cthulhu – The Phantom of Wilson Creek – The Wizard of Wilson Creek Game 2 Part 2

In the summer of 1928, yet another group of Boston investigators tried to sort out the strange happenings around the Campbell House near Mortimer, NC.  The man who had been asked to deal with the house was debunker Marshall Hutchins.  He’d brought with him writer Stephen Tucker, photojournalist Thomas Fitzsimmons, dilettante Derek Masterson III ( who also fancied himself a writer), and occultist Simon Leavy.  The five men would find less to debunk than to fear.

In the second session of the game, played more than a year after the first, both Tucker and Leavy’s players weren’t there, so the addition of two new players meant the characters of Anna Phelps and Dr. Dakota Haley were added to the group.

This first game was originally run at CaesarCon 2012 in Bryan, Ohio, on March 17, 2012.  This second game was run on June 29, 2013.  The Wizard of Wilson Creek is the third scenario in The Phantom of Wilson Creek, a monograph I wrote that was recently published by Chaosium.  As the investigators fled the house without solving the newest mystery of the place in the game session I ran before, I thought someone else might be sent to sort things out.  The role playing journal of the events here can be found at:

Additionally, video of the game can be found in this playlist:

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