3.5 D&D – Eberron Inquisition Game 1

This is the first session of our campaign based on the Inquisitors of the Silver Flame.  We tackle three (or more?) mysteries and try to stay alive! Dungeon Master Ben is at the helm and I’m finally playing in a game! We start in Irontown and eventually find ourselves on the road to Gather Hole (?). Find out what perils we brave in this exciting first episode!

The cast includes:

  • DM: Ben
  • Abrams the Dwarf Knight played by Nathan
  • Akxong Jakxong a human  Psionic Wizard played by Warhol
  • Blind the Changeling Thief played by Paul
  • Cesare a human Cleric played by Arthur (Shallazar)



I'm a beautiful person and if I'm ever in a recorded game you may hear me smoking my pipe. I play a variety of games. My favorite moments in games are when the players come up with crazy plans that spiral beyond their control and evolve into violent shit storms. Recently got the band back together for some one-shot action. 


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