Thieve’s House – Tunnels & Trolls

New Harbor is a teeming city that has been protected for a thousand years by the Old Ones. Once a century, the Old Ones rise to accept an offering from the City Keeper and the High Priest of Mitra as proof that the city is still in the same chain of succession. But this time, something has gone wrong. The sacred chalice that the offering is presented in has been stolen, and only the powerful Thieve’s Guild could have done it. Will this band of independent rogues be able to do the impossible? Can they steal the chalice back from the Thieve’s Guild before the midnight deadline?

Tunnels and Trolls was the first RPG published after Dungeons and Dragons. It is still in print today (v. 7.5) though the basic mechanics have remained consistent through all editions. Combats are fast and deadly, and most character actions are resolved with a simple skill check mechanic.

This scenario was inspired by the Thieve’s Guild of Lankhmar in the Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser books by Fritz Lieber.

This game was run at the Gamer’s Reunion in Rochester, MN on April 29, 2011. We had the room to ourselves, so the sound quality is great – very little background noise. Many thanks to Ron and Tom H. who each managed to play two characters with an unfamiliar system.

Falcnor the Guru: A hippie dwarf wizard – Tom
Delmar Dogberry: A skilled halfling rogue – Tom
Ulaan Athor: An elf rogue – Ron
Jubal: A human warrior – Ron


Grew up playing Basic and AD&D in the early 80's - mostly as DM. Took a 25 year hiatus from gaming. Now back into it, exploring a variety of different systems and settings. I create about 5-6 one-shots per year for Con games, and am running a PBP game of Tunnels & Trolls on ProBoards. 


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