Storm of War – Session 2.5: ‘Sellswords of Punjar Part 2′

Here is the partial recording of session 2.  Someone forgot to turn the recorder on properly.  The offender has been punished and will not be repeating that mistake.  He will record the next session properly, or he will get the hose again.

This is a continuation of the first session.  We have lost our Rogue in a terrible accident involving a loaded hand crossbow, but the Deva Spearmage has magically undergone a transformation into a Ranger/Rogue.

In the missing portion, our “heroes” disarm, unlock and loot a complicated multidrawered chest.  They end up with some treasure and some poison on needles and in vials.  They also discover a brass tube filled with 11 phoenix feathers which explode about 5-10 seconds after being exposed to open air.  Of course, they find out about the timing of this explosion the hard way.

After this, they face the infamous Dog Brothers and their leader War Captain Irocar.  A pitched battle ensues at the top of a staircase where they are at the mercy of the crowded surroundings.  They are able to overcome these difficulties with only slight injuries.  They find a javelin of lightening and a secret door to the other side of the base.

In the next room, they encounter the Mother Zeb’oltha, a tiefling warlock, and her two large, muscular eunuch bodyguards.  They are pinned in at the doorway by the two eunuchs and just as they muscle their way into the room, Mother shows up and about kills one of the dragonborn with one attack.  But through dogged determination and blind luck they persevere again.  Several interesting items are found in Mother’s diabolically arcane workshop.  The Raven Queen cleric quickly takes the magically glowing skull that floats in a sealed jar of blue liquid.  Also found was a living eye of a black dragon, which seems able to see its surrondings ( I bet someone is looking for that! ).

After fighting through a horde of armed beggars ( which become roasted beggars quickly ), the lair of the beggar king was found.  The Deva ranger/rogue ( nee spearmage ) sneaks upstairs and finds a drunken person on a divan watched over by three seemingly unattentive guards.  He rushes in and sneak attacks the figure in the divan, killing it with one blow.  The guards never move.  Upon investigation, it turns out the figure was a drugged 11-yr old beggar girl with her head shaved and dressed up like the beggar king.  The guards are dressed up mannequins.  The purpose behind this trap is not discovered until the rest of the party enters the room.  Helcar falls into a pit trap and into a steel cage suspended about 30 ft down and above an underground river.   The cage starts to move away and the Deva leaps down into the pit and onto the now locked cage to begin a rescue …….

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