Storm Of War – 1: ‘Sellswords of Punjar Part 1′

This is the beginning of the Goodman Games Sellswords of Punjar module.  The players are 3rd level and we had a new player joining the group, so we spend a good bit of time in the beginning with character introductions and campaign backstory.  Normally our group is 5 people, but we have had a little attrition and are just adding some extras.  One of our players ended up having to work late, so we only have 3 for this session.  He is a waiter and Morris Day sat down at his table about an hour before he was to get off.  Morris was dropping a good bit of money, so he didn’t want to leave such a good tip to go play DnD.  I guess we will hear how good a tipper Morris was next week.
We have a tendency to stray from the game frequently and think we are a lot funnier than we are, so apologies in advance.  It is about 4 hours long and my first attempt at recording.

The group consists of:

Jeff – Dragonborn fighter that thinks he is a paladin

Scott – Dragonborn fighter that wants his wings

Aaron – Deva spearmage that is joining the group this session

Neal – Human cleric of the Raven Queen ( who is missing the session because Morris Day is dropping big bucks at his table at the restaurant where he works )

We have a little backstory on our Obsidian Portal site ( )

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