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Call of Cthulhu – The Last Voyage of the Ivory Pride Session Two Part 1 (Skype Game)

On August 3, 2015, we played a one-shot Call of Cthulhu game with some people on Skype who had asked me to run for them. The scenario is “The Last Voyage of the Ivory Pride” which I found online and printed out some years ago. It seems to have completely disappeared from the internet since then. The year is 1925 off the Ivory Coast of Africa. The investigators are passengers (and one crewman) of the Ivory Pride, a steamship bound for Morocco. Something goes wrong on the second day. Can a con man, a radio announcer, an undertaker, and a big game hunter unravel what is going on aboard the ship before the Singing Man arrives? My players were Tim, Jeff, D.J., and Lily. Part two of three.

Unfortunately, the audio flubbed so this session was broken into two parts.

The role playing journals for the session can be found here:


No video recording of this game session.

Skype Road Trip Session 13 – Swap Meets and Swamp Things

After the kids awake in the morning, they realize that their current wardrobe is in dire need of replacement (e.g. most of it is covered in blood).  Fortunately, they happen to come upon a local swap meet, which fits both their budgetary and aesthetic concerns.  The kids walk in with $10 and leave with some very “unique” goods.

A few hours of driving later, the kids arrive in the Florida Everglades, the approximate area of their next adventure.  Unfortunately, it is early evening when they arrive, and searching through an enormous swamp during the night doesn’t sound like a fun time, so they find one of the many campgrounds in the area and settle in for the night.  Just after Charlie’s riled everyone up with some ghost stories, the kids hear a mysterious rustling off near the edge of the campsite. . .

Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 25: JACK BRADY MUST DIE! (part 1)

In this session my sister joins us via Skype to play a hapless professor.

The investigators must fight off cultists and strange warriors of the night. Who led them to Fortune and Glory Industries? Who do they work for? Where is Jack Brady, because Jack Barton needs to kill him all kinds dead.

Find out why! Also motorcycle ninjas and we used this map!

Skype Road Trip Session 12 – Jim’s Puck Band

In an effort to save Everett from a mysterious and powerful shadow the previous night, Daniel managed to worsen his injuries much further.  Additionally, people seem to be packing up and leaving from Summerset Valley following this bizarre black rain.  The kids need to get to the next destination as soon as possible, but Daniel is still injured far too badly to be discharged.  They need a plan to sneak him out of the hospital.

On the other side of town, Donny’s insurance payment has come in, and he’s looking to get something cheap, semi-reliable, and big enough to finish taking the kids around the country.  He stops off at Crazy Jacques’s Used Car Emporium to try and find something in that category, but finds that Jacques’s prices aren’t the only thing that’s insane.

Skype Road Trip Session 11 – “. . . For the Camera!”

Following an epic struggle wherein the Grinning Man was dealt with, there is a lot of destruction and panic left in his wake:  Large portions of the town were damaged by the Grinning Man, people can’t account for lost time, many people are wounded, and some are missing.

On the player side, 4 kids were checked into the hospital, Donny’s car (their sole mode of transportation) was destroyed, and they now have no money for anything.  The worst of it?  A strange police officer has arrived at the hospital and has a few questions for Donny Chang. . .