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Call of Cthulhu Campaign (High Point, NC) – Restless Dreams Part 1

I ran a short Call of Cthulhu 1920s campaign for some friends in High Point, North Carolina, back in 2012. The campaign started in Arkham, Massachusetts, but quickly moved to Silent Hill, Maine. Unfortunately, the campaign ended due to lack of interest in the players and was never completed.

The third session starts the beginning of the original scenario “Restless Dreams,” my adaption of Silent Hill II to Call of Cthulhu. The session saw them start to follow their leads to Silent Hill, head for Maine, and do some research.

This game took place on March 28, 2012. My players were Jeff, Ken, Steve, and Erik.

The role playing journals for this session can be found here:


Additionally, this was when I started video-recording game sessions. The playlist of six videos of the game session can be found here:


Badass Presidents – MegaRobotCthulhu

In the future the world has gone to crap. Only the presidents of the great United States of America are powerful enough to fight the cosmic horrors and evil past dictators. In this adventure the intrepid group of Commander-in-Chiefs travels from Mt. Rushmore to deep below the ocean, fighting all sorts in between.

Notes of Madness – Playtest 1

In late June 1928, George Gershwin returned to New York from Paris where he had hoped to study with famous composition teacher, Nadia Boulanger. She declined his request, however that doesn’t mean he returned empty-handed. Three mysterious pages of an unknown score plague his thoughts. When the investigators come upon these, where will they lead them?