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Top Secret – Operation Sprechenhaltestelle, Code Name: Pisces Part 1

The Agency was a secret, international espionage agency that hired spies from all over the free world to take on assignments that crossed international borders. Four agents had been assembled by the agency in May of 1980.

Eric Taft was a British spy who had worked with MI-5. He was known to carry a switchblade and a .45 semi-automatic pistol with a barrel extender. Earl Geofferies was an American and rumored to have been a top agent with the CIA. He was proficient in all forms of hand to hand combat and was known to carry a Walther PPK with a silencer. Fletcher David Reed, also American, had worked in various agencies. He was armed with a 9mm short Walther PPK but he preferred to kill with his bare hands. Wayne Jeffries was a member of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS). He carried a .45 semi-automatic pistol and never went anywhere without his umbrella.

They were sent into the village of Sprechenhaltestelle near Hamburg to stop the capture and slavery of east to west defectors going on there and rescue a pair of energy technicians who were in the neighborhood and get to them to the west.

On Sept. 16, 2011, I ran a game of Top Secret for my friends Stephen, Jeff, Erik, and Jeff. I use the introductory scenario from the boxed set. This is how the first half of the game went down.

The journal entry for the game can be found here:

Delta Green – Big Trouble in Little Mina

When a Delta Green friendly from Toledo, Ohio, turns up missing, it’s up to agents from the local Delta Green cell to track him down. If he’s in trouble, he must be rescued. If he’s been compromised, he must be silenced. In any case, it must be done quietly and with discretion.

Two Delta Green Agents and a Delta Green friendly are sent to investigate. Harold Warring, codename Ulf, was a field agent for the FBI in Toledo and had secretly been an agent of Delta Green since2001, when something flew out of the sky during an investigation on an island on Lake Erie and killed two other field agents. Ian MacElroy, codename Umberto, worked for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in Athens, Ohio. He had also worked for Delta Green since 2012, when he stumbled into some kind of strange plot to poison an entire town with an alien virus. Finally, Johnathan Johnson (nickname: John-John, which he hated) ran a small online computer repair business form his folks’ house in Farmer, Ohio. He had been a Delta Green friendly ever since, while investigating five haunted houses for his website, Ghostlore, he’d come into contact with Delta Green.

I ran this scenario at CaesarCon in Williams County Ohio in March of 2013. The scenario itself takes place over the same weekend, not far from where the convention took place, in the (now) fictional town of Mina, Ohio.

Role Playing Journals of the game can be found here:

The playlist of video of the game session is here:

Traveller: The New Era – Strange Lights over Hokum

The agricultural world of Pradock in the Old Expanses had weathered the fall of the Imperium some 70 years before with little change to its population or technology. It was one of the lucky ones. The tech level 5 world was still in its industrial age and the lack of technology meant the Virus was able to get little foothold. In addition to producing produce, the world had a very strong entertainment industry.

The crew of the far trader Laverne get a job helping the port director of the planet when rumors and calls report that the town of Hokum is in trouble. Strange lights have been reported in the skies over the village. When they arrive, they find the town gripped in the panic of a full-blown alien invasion.

The crew consists of Captain Serena Merel who had originally served in the Reformation Coalition Navy; Hobart Pasternak from nearby Voskl, who handled administrative duties on the ship; Ajax Vester, the ship’s engineer, who was from Yesta; Major Adrian Thomas, who had served in the Reformation Coalition army and special operations; and Kryss Patterson, the ship’s steward, and from a habitat that had somehow survived the fall of the Imperium.

On May 21, 2011, I ran a game of Traveller: The New Era, playing the scenario “Strange Lights Over Hokum” by Michael R. Mikash from Challenge Magazine #73 with Melissa, Bowen, Brian Jett, Sid, and Brian Holder. This is their story.

A write-up of the game can be found here:


Three men met in the city of Cadsandria in the country of Argimiliar in the Young Kingdoms and, knowing that their fates might fare better than if each was alone, they banded together. It was not long before they heard tell of the Cadsandrian merchant prince by the name of Vered Veredan who was hiring adventurers.

Darlanden was a young hunter from Filkar. Uldrid was an Ilmioran who had seen the turning of well over 50 years. The third member of their small party was a filthy, diseased beggar who called himself Iskar Scrab. The leper was from Eshmir. Together, they would try to find ancient Melnibonean artifacts … and survive.

On May 7, 2011, I ran a small group through the introductory adventure in the 4th Edition Stormbringer book. James, Richard, and Eric all had a pretty good time.

A write-up of the game can be found here:

Call of Cthulhu – Leaflet Mission

The special mission over Germany in February of 1945 is merely to drop leaflets on the enemy. The propaganda mission takes place at night and only involves two B-17 bombers: the Pretty Lady and the Big Money. Just another typical mission. At least it would be if it weren’t for the OSS ‘observer’ who has been assigned to mission to see that the leaflets fall where they’re supposed to. What is going on?

I ran Leaflet Mission at CaesarCon 2013 for four players on the Pretty Lady. They chose the co-pilot, flight engineer, ball turret gunner, and waist gunner as their characters. I also used a model of a B-17 Bomber as the centerpoint for the game. I plan to run another scenario involving the Big Money at CaesarCon 2014.

Role playing journals of the game can be found here:!-CaesarCon2013

The playlist of video of the game session is here: