Ars Serpentis – Playtest 1

In the winter of 2008, the students and faculty at the bucolic Laurel College are gearing up to celebrate the bicentennial of the school’s founding. However, the mood on campus has somewhat darkened due to a pair of unexplained disappearances that neither the college officials, nor the local authorities, seem willing to address. Now, a third person has disappeared, and a team of Investigators has assembled to get to the bottom of the mystery. Can they discover the truth behind the disappearances, expose those responsible, and rescue the missing people before it’s too late? (SPOILER: No, no they can’t…)

Plague of War – Session 2: ‘Rats. Why did it have to be rats?’

We return to see our adventurer’s shortly after they have discovered the invasion of their village. A recent party member death prove little concern to them as they make their grand schemes to reclaim the village. Action quickly follows in the greatest challenge to date.

Storm Of War – 1: ‘Sellswords of Punjar Part 1′

This is the beginning of the Goodman Games Sellswords of Punjar module.  The players are 3rd level and we had a new player joining the group, so we spend a good bit of time in the beginning with character introductions and campaign backstory.  Normally our group is 5 people, but we have had a little attrition and are just adding some extras.  One of our players ended up having to work late, so we only have 3 for this session.  He is a waiter and Morris Day sat down at his table about an hour before he was to get off.  Morris was dropping a good bit of money, so he didn’t want to leave such a good tip to go play DnD.  I guess we will hear how good a tipper Morris was next week.

Plague of War – Session 1: ‘I never sausage an invasion!’

Against the backdrop of world tension and invasions, our heroes begin their adventure. Tasked with a search-and-rescue mission by the local community, they are unperturbed by the possibility of war and death, cracking jokes and searching for the long lost art of sausage making on the way.