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Call of Cthulhu – Fear Jet 73

“Lady and the Scamp” was a popular musical and comedy duo, much like Sonny and Cher.  They take a flight along with their lawyer, agent, and the Lady’s hairdresser and makeup woman to their next gig in Las Vegas.  However, the Learjet they’re taking there isn’t all that it seems and they find themselves somewhere far more terrible.

I ran the original Call of Cthulhu scenario Fear Jet at the App State Gaming Club Gamefest on November 18, 2018, at Appalachian State University.  The players were Ashlyn, John, Curt, Chandler, and Carl.

Audio of the game session is here:


The roleplaying journals of the session are here:


Additionally, a playlist of six videos of the game session and a highlights video can be found here: