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Delta Green: Artifact Zero part 1

This is a one-shot audio actual play of Pagan Publishing’s Artifact Zero scenario in the Delta Green setting for Call of Cthulhu. An investigation into multiple missing persons from an archeological dig site in Montana lead to some disturbing discoveries. Ancient skeletons, cover-ups, echoes from the future and a suicide or two.

Some of my players were newish to the DGverse and I wanted to introduce them to it in-game. With this in mind only one of the PCs was a DG agent, all the others were FBI agents who DG was interested in recruiting. The DG agent, Ira, was a criminal profiler for the bureau and was to use his skills to assess, evaluate and manipulate the others to see how flexible they could be in terms of covering up strangeness with a view to recruitment to the cause. The other agents were an archeology/art crimes investigator, and a forensics expert were unaware of DG. There were some minor changes made to the scenario that will become apparent during play.