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Call of Cthulhu – Christmas in Kingsport

It’s Christmastime in the seaport town of Kingsport, Massachusetts, in 1927. Time for presents and food and cookies and all the wonderful things associated with the holidays. The best part is seeing cousins from nearby towns of Arkham, Dunwich, and even Innsmouth at this most festive time of the year. Unfortunately, they’re all staying at their great Aunt Nora’s with their families as they do every year. Aunt Nora is very set in her ways and Christmas is no exception.

On December 11, 2016, I ran a one-shot for Christmas. “Christmas in Kingsport” by Oscar Rios is a delightful little tale in the Christmas in Kingsport monograph. My players were Ashton and Collin.

Audio of the game session can be found here:


The role playing journals for the session can be found here:




A playlist of 6 videos of the game session and a highlight video can be found here: