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An original campaign about a world devolving into total war.

Plague of War – Session 7: ‘Combos are fun!’

Discovering Lord Doyle’s retreat and receiving orders from Lord Cain, the young upstarts head off to an imposing foreign fortress. A while into their journey they stumble upon a vast forest. Among yet another failed attempt to find some poison, they agree to investigate some missing children from the small, secluded village. What will they uncover in their investigation?

Plague of War – Session 6: ‘It’s so… slimy…’

In another attempt at to free their village create anarchy, the heroes return to the village once again, seeking to attack larder houses and weapons depots. Their plans are foiled by the fact that no one is in town. However, that is not to say that a special surprise wasn’t left in the town hall. Will it be a TPK? What will they make of the magic blank pages? Listen to find out!

Plague of War – Session 5: ‘Find what he loves… And destroy it!’

After a several month hiatus, the mismatched group of would-be heroes (largely anarchists) return, prepared to once again take on the menace of Lord Doyle. Armed with nothing more than a plan to “find what he loves and kill it,” they get down to business…