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Call of Cthulhu Providence Campaign 31 – The Strange Case of the Brown Mountain Lights Session One

When William Avery Rockefeller goes to Morganton, North Carolina, with some friends and associates in order to finish a deal to purchase a hosiery mill, he doesn’t suspect he’ll get caught up in another missing children’s case. This time an idiot-savant child has gone missing during vacation at Brown Mountain Beach and the investigators quickly help with the search effort for the boy. Instead, they find something strange under the mountain.

I started running a Call of Cthulhu campaign for students at Appalachian State University in March 2014. The game was set in Providence, R.I., starting in the summer of 1925. The 31st session of the game took place on August 15, 2016, with the scenario “The Strange Case of the Brown Mountain Lights” from the monograph The Phantom of Wilson Creek by myself. My players were Katelyn, Collin, Ashton, Kyle, Hannah, and Katie.

Audio of the game session can be found here:


The role playing journals for the session can be found here:

A playlist of nine videos of the game session and a highlight video can be found here:


Masks of Nyarlathotep (Final Game): Welcome to Die!

It has been a long time coming. Eight months ago (irl) the campaign began. There have been losses on both sides, NPCs and PCs alike have died or lost their minds to the horrors of Nyarlathotep.

The investigators gather for a last effort to thwart Nyarlathotep’s schemes to darken the sky and bring about the fall of man. Gray Dragon Island holds more than a singing fat woman for the investigators. What happens in the final moments of humanity’s best hope? Find out in the exciting conclusion of MASKS OF NYARLATHOTEP: WELCOME TO DIE!

Badass Presidents – MegaRobotCthulhu

In the future the world has gone to crap. Only the presidents of the great United States of America are powerful enough to fight the cosmic horrors and evil past dictators. In this adventure the intrepid group of Commander-in-Chiefs travels from Mt. Rushmore to deep below the ocean, fighting all sorts in between.

Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 12: Cairo!

After surviving the Black Pharaoh in London, the investigation moves deep into Cairo.  Will the Americans find themselves at odds with the local culture? How will they know when they’re being sworn at in Arabic?

Is Nigel Wasif trustworthy? M’kunga Jr., a strange personage, attempts to contact the investigators, but can he be trustworthy? Find out what happens to the indomitable Major Stone, the lovely Rosetta, and the eccentric duo of William and Scott the Stunt Man.

Masks of Nyarlathotep Game 3- Down the Well.

“I don’t like the cut of your jib, but it isn’t the worst cut I’ve ever seen.”-Matthew O’Connell Maloy

After the smoke has cleared and the zombies blown away, there remains but one activity in the basement of Ju-ju House. To open the ever enlarging well and reveal its secrets.

I’m not sure what they thought was down there, but in this episode they find out.

Afterwards people go insane.